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Are you interested in your health or the health of a loved one? Mike Dilke speaks to experts in all kinds of health related fields covering topics such as smoking, vaping, medicines derived from cannabis, mental health, sleep, exercise, joint pain, back pain, nutrition and many others. Keep up with important health news and issues by listening to the Relaxback UK Show.

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4 days ago

The City of London Centre is made up of leading cancer research scientists from London based research centres. They have come together to pool their expertise - hear what their research is all about. Then Dr Zbig Kirkor explains how he can alleviate arthritis and joint pain in general, but in this discussion specificly in knees.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2022

Find out some of the things that broadcaster Eamon Holmes and \strictly dancer James Jordan have in common. One of them is shingles which is a really nasty disease. Find out how to spot it and what to do if you think you have it.   Also Tom Palladino talks about what he calls scalar light

Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

This show has two fantastic guests Liz O'Riordan is a breast surgeon who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer. She then went through the surgery and treatment that she had done for many others and realised the importance of exercise as part of a treatment programme. Professor Greg Whyte represented Great Britain at the olympics competing in the modern pentathlon. He is now an academic and has a lot to say about the benefits of exercise.

Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

Ada Health is an app that you input your symptoms into and it gives you a diagnosis and an appropriate course of action. The Dr Amir Khan give some advice on irritable bowel syndrome - what to do if you have it and how to avoid it in the first place.

Monday Oct 31, 2022

A show from a while ago but a great one. Dr Rahul Jandial is a nuerosurgeon and we talk what it is like to see a living brain, depressed people have a higher perception of pain and how pain differs from person to person and much else. The Will Mellor, from before his strictly appearance, gives some thoughts on how he stops his children spending too much time on their phones.

Friday Oct 28, 2022

Hear how cancer research scientists are discovering more about the way in which cells, including cancer cells, communicate with each other, how they interact with their environment and how this might help potential future treatments. Also hear from a couple of patients who have survived cancer and now work as patient advocates.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

The Relaxback UK Show this week talks with  speech and language therapist, Sandra Robinson about dysphagia or difficulties swallowing. Then it is Melissa Jones from Action For Global Health and the subject is health issues that are brought on or made worse by climate change. Lastly I have just finished a month of going to the gym - hear how it went from my personal trainer.

Monday Oct 17, 2022

This is a show from a while ago but is still very relevant espeically during World Menopuase Moth Deborah Forsyth helps women who are dealing with the sometimes difficult issues of the menopause. Also Clifton Flack of CiiTECH tals about some of the things that CBD products can help with.

Sunday Oct 16, 2022

This is a show from a while ago and the intro sound is slightly odd - however the guests are fantastic so please persevere. Sophie Medlin is a dietician and explains things simply and precisely. She talks about the menopause, what some of the issues are and how they can be mitigated. Then some news about breast cancer.

Saturday Oct 15, 2022

This interview is from a while ago but is very relevant and it is World Menopause Month.

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