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Are you interested in your health or the health of a loved one? Mike Dilke speaks to experts in all kinds of health related fields covering topics such as smoking, vaping, medicines derived from cannabis, mental health, sleep, exercise, joint pain, back pain, nutrition and many others. Keep up with important health news and issues by listening to the Relaxback UK Show.

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20 hours ago

Many men diagnosed with diabetes have low testosterone levels - this was the case with the gold medal rower Sir Steve Redgrave. Then some general help with sleep - preparation for a good nights sleep and some thoughts on mattress type.

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

In the UK there is a drive to get people to return their bowel cancer tests when they get them.
Also from official UK government data it seems that a lot of us really aren't eating properly.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher but not a typical one.
She is co-founder of the online yoga teaching site , The Underbelly and was invited to  speak at The Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen event.
I enjoyed talking with her and I think you will enjoy listening to her.

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

EMS training is a way to decrease the amount of time you need to spend in the gym.
Then The World Health Organisation puts anitbiotic resistance in the top ten of dangers facing mankind.

Early Cancer Detection Is Vital

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Why do we go for cancer screening when invited - or not? Do we go and get checked if we are worried about something? 
This show has insight from a behavioural scientist and a patient advocate.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Doran Binder is The Bearded Water Sommelier - he loves water and will let you know which he thinks tastes best and why. This is fascinating stuff.
Then Jo Goodhall and Jasmine Schembri have launched an app called Luna which is aimed at teenage girls.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

There are many medical products and techniques that have little or no evidence that they work. Dr Stephen Barrett is a retired phychiatrist who has for many years called these out. 

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

There are many cough and cold remedies. Some are old family recipes and some are old wives' tales, some work and some don't. In addition some are expensive and a waste of money. Dr Zoe Williams gives some help on advice on the subject.
Then the pharmacy John Bell and Croyden is 225 years old this year. Learn about what has changed, what hasn't and how a modern day pharmacy can help you with their chief pharmacist, Reshma Malde.

Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

James Greenwell ruptured his achilles tendon in an agonising training injury. The team doctor told him that was the end of his sporting career - it wasn't! Find out what he did to beat this awful injury.
Also if you find that you suffer from aches and pains as you age or it takes longer to recover from exercise this can provide some help.

Help With Long Covid Symptoms

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Long Covid has many really awful symptoms.
My guest, Dr Buasek, talks about exercises to encourage diaphragmatic breathing and the trial currently underway to see if this helps long covid sufferers.
Breathing exercises have a track record of helping with a host of toher things and I am currently doing an experiment on myself to see if the programme helps with my high blood pressure and anxious breathing.

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