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Are you interested in your health or the health of a loved one? Mike Dilke speaks to experts in all kinds of health related fields covering topics such as smoking, vaping, medicines derived from cannabis, mental health, sleep, exercise, joint pain, back pain, nutrition and many others. Keep up with important health news and issues by listening to the Relaxback UK Show.

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7 days ago

Long Covid has many really awful symptoms.
My guest, Dr Buasek, talks about exercises to encourage diaphragmatic breathing and the trial currently underway to see if this helps long covid sufferers.
Breathing exercises have a track record of helping with a host of toher things and I am currently doing an experiment on myself to see if the programme helps with my high blood pressure and anxious breathing.

Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Using the immune system to help cure cancer is an idea that has been around for quite a while. However in the relatively recent past it has started to show some real progress.
Listen to cancer research scientists discuss their work in this fascinating episode of the Relaxback UK Show.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Marc Holl is Head Of Primary Care at Nuffield Health. Find out what that means and how he influences the gyms, the hospitals and all that happens at Nuffield.

Wednesday Jan 04, 2023

Shaa Wasmund has done an awful lot of interesting things so far. She has been a manager for boxer Chris Eubanks, done PR for James Dyson when his business was just starting and set up many new businesses but she finds she sometimes needs help to get something going. She is a fun and inspiring guest.
Then Chris Hill from Beat My Addictions talks about how he can help people with problems with alcohol and other substances.

Thursday Dec 29, 2022

Recovered alcoholic, Julian Morgan, talks about his life on the drink. He tells how he managed to break the cycle and has written a book to help others who are dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

I speak with Dr Callie Seaman about a recent conference in London covering cannabis meds. Prescriptions are now legal in the UK but there continue to be blockages for those that need them.
Then a bus that has been touring the UK - not a rock band but full of medical staff to check your heart for heart valve disease.

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

It is possible to control pre-diabetes and prevent the onset of the full condition - but it is hard. Hear about some help to do that with somethig that is really quite tasty!
Then those that have the full condition need to manage it carefully. Hear about how technology can help wit that.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

Good workplace design can affect our willingness to be there and also our health and wellbeing. Hear how from seating to art on the walls.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

Tom Hopper has played Billy Bones in Black Sails and Dickon Tarley in Game of Thrones amongst much else. A lot of what he does is full of action and he likes to do his own stunts. This has led to some quite serious injuries that he has used stem cell treatment to overcome. 
Then Libby Stevenson is a yoga teacher who specialises in helping women during pregnancy, after pregnancy and menopause.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

The City of London Centre is made up of leading cancer research scientists from London based research centres. They have come together to pool their expertise - hear what their research is all about.
Then Dr Zbig Kirkor explains how he can alleviate arthritis and joint pain in general, but in this discussion specificly in knees.

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